October 29, 2019

Recluse Los Cabos Cigar Review

In 2012 J.R. Dominguez and Scott Weeks would launch their company Iconic Leaf Cigars and the brand Recluse and the secret to their success is the special fermentation process they use for all their tobacco with each cigar being rolled entubar for a perfect draw every time. Accord to Scott Weeks their cigars are meant to be a mini-vacation and what better name for their San Andres wrapped cigar than Los Cabos. It’s a cigar you don’t need to babysit or change its diapers. This week The AshHoles fire one up and Ed Sullivan Aaron Noonan and Michael Dimare share their thoughts on Recluse Amadeus Los Cabos.

We will also have The Victor Sinclair 55 Top 5 List and all the madness you come to expect from The Ash Holes as we broadcast live on location from Studio 21 Podcast Cafe high above Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, New Hampshire on the United Podcast Network.

As always you can find many of the cigars we discuss at  http://www.2GuysCigars.com/

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