November 21, 2018

Which Cigar Won the Ashhole’s Blind Taste Test?

Today we wrap up the Blind Taste Test. We are joined by very special guest Glenn Boivin who knows how to smoke blind better than anyone we know…because he is…blind that is. Today we are smoking the winner of the blind taste challenge and we will reveal the cigars that were included, look at which won and look back at the highlights and disappointments of said challenge.

We will break it down round by round on the way to letting you know the winner of the Blind Taste Test.

We also have the usual line up of the weekly Top 5 List, go Miles with Styles, our AshHole of the week live from Studio 21 Podcast Cafe in Salem, NH on the United Podcast Network. As always you can find many of the cigars we discuss at

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